Our Association


Taste Tours is the travel activity of the association 'Taste'. Anyone travelling with Taste Tours must also become a member of 'Taste', but paid participation in any of our tours automatically includes membership. But what is 'Taste'?


TASTE is an association of consumer citizens who seek to help the planet by only eating and drinking the very best that nature provides.

TASTE members know that the pleasures of the table are enjoyed most when grown and prepared naturally.

They know that our existence depends entirely on the sun and rain clouds over our heads, and the thin layer of soil at our feet.

They are concerned about the legacy industrial farming methods are leaving for future generations.

They believe that it is time to act to reverse the destructive paradigm of industrial and chemical agriculture.

They equate the taste of real food with real pleasure and know that the choices we make in what we eat have a direct impact on our health and the environment.

They know that the current market system makes it difficult to live a 100% organic existence, but this doesn't stop them from trying.

They are often confused by what appears to be conflicting information on this complex, far-reaching subject, but are keen to learn.

They also like to cook…