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Sparkling Wine Splash!

Description du service

Share a sparkling, convivial moment with colleagues, friends or clients to celebrate the season or to simply gather for fun. Exceptional natural, organic and biodynamic wines with rich, deep flavours and delicious aromas will raise your spirits on the darkest and coldest of winter days. Ask about our private Champagne tastings with exquisite gourmet foods... This tasting encourages greater understanding of the range and possibilities of sparkling wines and can help dissipate pre-conceived ideas about what a great sparkling wine is. All of the wines are tasted blind, and participants are invited to note each one to determine which ones they think are Champagnes, ‘crémants’, ‘pet-nat’, ‘mousseux’, ‘méthode Champenoise’, ‘méthode Diose’, or ‘méthode ancestrale’. This friendly competition adds animation and suspense to the experience and can also be an eye-opener in terms of taste as well as value for money. We encourage a minimum of 8 participants, as the tasting includes 5 sparkling wines. During the tasting, ‘boudoir biscuits’, a triple cream cheese, and double fermented bread along with other dishes will complement the double fermented sparkling wines. Contact us for tailor-made group events and special rates that can include vintage champagnes and gourmet foods or dinner. Includes
 • 5 sparkling wines! • Exquisite triple cream cheese and double fermented bread • Crisp biscuits and seasonal delicacies • Comprehensive background to sparkling wines Time & Cost • 1.5-3 hours long
 • 95 € per person • Exclusive (minimum 8 and maximum 30 wine enthusiasts)
 • Organic & biodynamic wines
 Practical info • Afternoon or evening start time
 • Please let us know if you have food allergies or intolerances. This tour generally includes gluten (bread), dairy (raw cheese) and fish (ex. oysters, smoked salmon)
 • Not for children (minimum 16 years old)

Séances à venir

  • 1 heure 30 minutes
  • 95 euros
  • Paris

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